Toothaches Should Not Be Ignored

When you feel pain within a single tooth or pressure in your gums, it is likely a sign of a serious problem. While a toothache can have multiple causes, most of them require urgent treatment at Lewis Family Dentistry. Many toothaches are a result of decay or damage penetrating the sensitive pulp or root inside the tooth. Without timely treatment,... read more »

Preventing Gum Disease Requires Consistent Flossing

Periodontal disease, more commonly known as gum disease, is a serious infection and inflammation of the gum tissues. It usually starts out as gingivitis. Early symptoms include red or inflamed gums that tend to bleed easily when brushing and flossing. It could also include issues with chronic bad breath. In most cases, gingivitis can often be reversed by a thorough... read more »

Smile Care 101: A Healthy Lifestyle Results in a Healthy Smile

Your dentist, Dr. Kenneth Lewis, and our dental team care about you and your smile, which is why we encourage you to have a healthy lifestyle. Having a healthy lifestyle can help you have a healthy smile in Fayetteville, North Carolina. So, to help you accomplish this goal, our Lewis Family Dentistry team encourages you to do the following things:... read more »

Dental Checkups: What They Can Do for You

Have you ever heard that you should visit your dentist once every six months? While these cleanings may not seem like the highest priority—especially if you have school, work, or family—they are actually extremely important. Furthermore, would you be surprised to learn that visiting your dentist could actually be a way to save money? During these cleanings, our dentist will... read more »

Are You Ready to Tackle the Complexities of the Holiday Season for Your Family’s Smile Health?

This Halloween season, we want to encourage our patients to care for their spooktacular smiles while celebrating the holiday festivities. Our Lewis Family Dentistry team in Fayetteville, North Carolina wants to support our patients' commitment to their oral care for themselves and their loved ones. We believe that the key is mindfully striving for balance while taking care of precious... read more »

Bad Breath? We Can Help!

How often do you have to deal with bad breath? As you know, having bad breath—regardless of how often you have it—can be an embarrassing experience. However, did you know that bad breath is typically caused by bacteria or by food particles in your mouth? While removing bacteria may be your best answer, there are a few things other options... read more »

Crowns May Fix Broken Teeth

The enamel layer on each of your teeth is composed of a densely packed structure of microscopic mineral crystals. This is what makes your teeth hard enough to bite things off and chew tough foods. As strong as your teeth are there are things that can cause fractures. While it might be as traumatic as a blow to the face,... read more »

A Toothache Should Always Be Taken Seriously

A pain deep in the gums or inside a tooth should be seen as a serious warning sign of a more significant dental problem. Here at Lewis Family Dentistry, we encourage anyone who is experiencing a toothache to seek treatment as soon as possible. If the toothache is related to recent trauma, like a fall or blow to the face,... read more »

Easy Habits to Adopt to Help Prevent Common Oral Emergencies

Here at Lewis Family Dentistry, we understand that it’s impossible to completely prevent an oral emergency. However, we do offer a few easy suggestions to help you lessen the chance of an oral emergency. At the very least, you will be better prepared for an oral emergency when one happens. First off, you should make every effort to curb bad... read more »