Caring for Your Smile With Tooth Decay Prevention

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Are you familiar with oral health risks associated with tooth decay? Tooth decay is a process in which your tooth enamel is slowly worn down. Your tooth enamel consists of the hard outer layer of your teeth that is designed to protect the inner workings of a tooth, including the root and the pulp. Unfortunately, your enamel can be worn down by acids that come into contact with it.

Plaque buildup is primarily responsible for tooth decay because it can convert harmful substances in your mouth into acids that will eat through your tooth enamel. This includes substances such as sugars and carbs. Not only do you need to eliminate plaque buildup to keep your smile safe from the risks of tooth decay, but you should also address issues in your diet that need to be changed as well.

Always make sure you’re exercising effective oral hygiene care daily by brushing and flossing. For additional help with eliminating plaque buildup from a mouth as well as to minimize the effects of tooth decay, visit your dentist. Your dentist will have routine examinations available to inspect your smile and determine if any damage is present or if any risk factors may arise that pose as vulnerabilities with your teeth and gums.

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