Dental Upgrade: Wearing a Mouth Guard

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Do you currently have a mouth guard, or are you in need of one? Mouth guards are commonly used in situations where individuals have the potential to suffer from oral accidents or injuries. These situations typically include contact sports and other physical activities. If you are wondering if you need a mouth guard, come visit Lewis Family Dentistry and speak with our dentist. During your visit, we can go over some common questions about mouth guards, such as the following:

What is the purpose of a mouth guard?
Mouth guards are a type of oral appliance that is designed to help protect your teeth from various forms of oral accidents and injuries.

How can mouth guards help prevent dental damage?
Mouth guards go over the top of your teeth to provide an additional layer of protection. They also help cushion your teeth against any blows that they may sustain.

How do you care for mouth guards?
Mouth guards require only a small amount of care. Be sure to rinse them in cool, soapy water as needed. Also, avoid leaving your mouth guard out where siblings and pets can reach it.

What are my options for mouth guards?
Mouth guards can be custom-made by our dentist. You can also pick up a boil-and-bite mouth guard at the store. This type of mouth guard contours to your dental impressions. You can also purchase a stock mouth guard, which is pre-formed.

To have mouth guards customized for you at Lewis Family Dentistry, we welcome you to call our dental office in Fayetteville, North Carolina, at 910.488.0518. Dr. Kenneth Lewis and our entire team look forward to protecting your smile.