Do You Have Any Oral Emergency Preparation Techniques for the Summer Season?

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Do you have any oral emergency preparation techniques for the summer season? Oral accidents are often more predictable than they are preventable, but there is no denying that sooner or later, one will occur. So, it is best to be prepared in case one should befall you.

Listed below are a few illustrations of oral emergencies and their effective treatment plans:

Bad bites:

– If you bite your tongue and lip, wash out your wound and your mouth to ensure it is hygienic, and apply gauze until the bleeding stops or if it is deep a deep wound, stitches may be required.

Cracked Tooth:

– If you crack a tooth, excessive bleeding may occur from the wound, which you should wash out to ensure it is clean, and then administer gauze until the bleeding stops.

Lost Crown or Filling:

– A lost dental crown should be capped with a cotton swab dabbed in clove oil, whereas a lost filling should be capped with chewing gum or dental cement.

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