The Key to a Great Smile with the Causes of Halitosis

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Keeping a smile safe from the risks of bad breath requires numerous oral health treatments. Not only should you make sure that you are effectively cleaning your smile every day, but you will also need to assess your oral health and determine if any underlying ailments or illnesses are present. To this end, bad breath can even be caused by deep issues and problems within your body.

Bad breath can be caused by numerous issues. Not only is bad breath frequently caused by plaque buildup in your mouth that produces foul odors as a byproduct, but it can also be the result of the foods you are consuming, unhealthy habits such as smoking chewing tobacco, as well as the use of medications. In addition, bad breath may be caused by kidney malfunctions, liver issues, and respiratory tract infections. In addition, if you are wearing dentures, they can be contaminated and potentially increase your risk of bad breath as well. Furthermore, toothaches and gum disease are often linked to bad breath.

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