The Root of Root Canal Treatment

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When you hear the words “root canal,” do you envision a long and painful experience in the dental chair followed by miserable time in recovery? Root canal treatment has a negative reputation with most patients, but due to advances in dental care, it can save teeth that in the past could only be extracted. Dr. Kenneth Lewis and our team get to the root of root canal treatment to prove why this procedure is so important.

Your teeth contain dental pulp in their inner chambers that hold the nerve endings and blood vessels needed to maintain good dental health. When tooth damage leads to infection in the pulp, the pulp need to be removed. Root canal treatment allows us to only remove the pulp and preserve the overall structure of your tooth.

Dr. Kenneth Lewis typically performs root canal treatment in two visits. At the first visit, they accesses the pulp through a drill and removes the infection, then cleans the entire chamber to eliminate any sign of infection. After enlarging the chamber, they will place a material called gutta percha to replace the dental pulp, and then seal the whole tooth.

At the end of your visit, we’ll arrange your follow-up appointment to evaluate your tooth’s progress and place the dental crown. We can also prescribe medications such as painkillers, anti-inflammatories, and antibiotics to improve your healing process.

Dr. Kenneth Lewis invites you to call 910.488.0518 and schedule an appointment to Lewis Family Dentistry if you have any concerns about your oral health or would like to learn more about root canal treatment in Fayetteville, North Carolina.